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We are an avant-garde artist collective founded in 2020 by the Artist Director, Rebekah JoAnn Guerra. Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Guerra, and her collaborators stage transdisciplinary performances that serve as a powerful reflection of the fragility and force of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. 


Visit the Artists & Collaborators page for more information about each of B.O.G.'s revolutionary collaborators.

Our Mission


At Ballet Opéra de Guerra our mission is to collaborate with artists worldwide, crafting transdisciplinary productions that illuminate the hidden narratives of BIPOC communities. Through an Afrocentric approach to traditionally Eurocentric disciplines, we cultivate accessibility, human connection, and cultural relevance, challenging norms to bring freedom and healing into our creative practices.

Ballet Opéra de Guerra (B.O.G) is a Salt Lake City-based experimental arts collective founded by Rebekah JoAnn Guerra in March 2020. B.O.G. is made possible by collaborators within the fields of opera, music, dance, theatre, circus arts, literature, film, visual art, and stage design. B.O.G. is in the process of becoming a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (anticipated date of completion is June 2024). We look forward to being able to support more artists of diverse backgrounds and mediums within and outside of the Salt Lake City region. 

If you are interested in supporting B.O.G. through donations, sponsorships, and/or joining our Board of Directors, then please see our Support page for more information. 

What audiences have to say...

physically discomforting to watch, but also mesmerizingly beautiful.

                                                  Samuel Hanson 

made me cry 
                                                 Roxanne Gray
it was just profoundly beautiful....genius
                                                 Charlotte Stehmeyer

Recent Achievements

In 2023, Ballet Opéra de Guerra was honored with an invitation to perform "no te demores" at Capitol Theatre for the "Dance For Life" Suicide Awareness Gala. This short trio is an excerpt from the larger work in progress, ¿Te vas?, dissecting the range of female suffering through the letters and diary entries of Frida Kahlo, which will premiere in a full-length evening work on November 7-9, 2024 at the Rose Wagner Theatre in Salt Lake City, Utah. In 2022, Guerra choreographed "No Exit" at Repertory Dance Theatre in collaboration with composer Avner Dorman and musicians Inbal Segev and Julien Labro. Guerra's works have resonated internationally, with presentations in France, China, New York, California, New Jersey, and her current home, Utah

Community Efforts

Our commitment extends beyond performances; we offer affordable movement classes, workshops, and intensives designed for professional artists, embodying the principles of DIBE throughout the learning process. 

For more information about our upcoming and past events, projects, classes, and workshops, visit the Projects page.

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